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Chisholm Trail 8
601 SE 36th #113
Newton, KS 67114

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Movie Poster for xXx: Return of Xander Cage
xXx: Return of Xander Cage  Rated PG-13  1h 47m
Mon-Thurs 01/23-01/26 4:40 7:05

Movie Poster for Split
Split  Rated PG-13  1h 57m
Mon-Thurs 01/23-01/26 4:50 7:25

Movie Poster for Live by Night
Live by Night  Rated R  2h 8m
Mon-Thurs 01/23-01/26 4:30 7:20

Movie Poster for Monster Trucks
Monster Trucks  Rated PG  1h 44m
Mon-Thurs 01/23-01/26 4:25 7:00

Movie Poster for Patriots Day
Patriots Day  Rated R  2h 13m
Mon-Thurs 01/23-01/26 4:30 7:15

Movie Poster for The Bye Bye Man
The Bye Bye Man  Rated PG-13  1h 36m
Mon-Thurs 01/23-01/26 4:55 7:30

Movie Poster for Hidden Figures
Hidden Figures  Rated PG  2h 07m
Mon-Thurs 01/23-01/26 4:35 7:15

Movie Poster for Sing
Sing  Rated PG  1h 48m
Mon-Thurs 01/23-01/26 4:45 7:10

Movie Poster for Underworld: Blood Wars
Underworld: Blood Wars  Rated R  1h 31m
Leaving Thursday

Movie Poster for Passengers
Passengers  Rated PG-13  1h 56m
Leaving Thursday